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We offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

Web Masters Choice Software

The most Popular Landing Page Software on the internet.

Nothing else comes close with the features we offer.

* Creates unlimited Landing Pages
* Make up to 500 pages per run
* ANY page extension (asp, php, htm, cfm, html etc)

Doorway Page Software* Editible page extensions
* Editible DEFAULT page
* NO links back to us (at all)
* NO embedded ID tags generated
* NO Spyware, NO adware, NO scumware

* Creates sitemap
* Add full URL path option for sitemap
* Super lite, Super fast
* Adds up to 10 keywords per page
* Creates INDEX or DEFAULT page in each folder
* Templates designed from Your website
* Create Single folder or Multiple folders option

* Free Keyword Capitalization tool
* Easily edit templates
* Step by Step help files
* 30 day money back guarantee
* Text path display on top right of program
* Picture display on bottom right of program


Simple, Step by Step guide on How To Setup professional optimized Landing Pages for your website.

* Super fast and NO links to us
* Select Single or Multi folders
* Change the default page
* Edit the default text file
* Edit the extensions text file
* Capitalize or not your keywords
* Creates Sitemap and Index page
* Create up to 500 pages at a time
* Insert (or not) your full url path (see bottom)
* Create any extension (asp, php, htm, cfm, more)

Easy to use Landing Page Generator:
We have designed this program for Beginners to Professionals. We show you how to work out the basic word density algorythm of web pages from Search Engines and then simply apply this to your own pages. Or try our Keyword Spy.

If you want to get your web site noticed in the SE wars, you Need Doorway Genie the "professionals choice" Landing Page Generator.

Doorway Genie:
If you want to make an informed decision before buying our program, please review the HELP Files and see how easy it is to use the powerful web development tool.

Put you mouse (cursor) over the image below.


web site promotion software

DoorwayGenie however, is based on "Intelligent Input" = Intelligent Output
We show you how to get the best results.

* approx 10%